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Christmas Dinner American Style Pattaya | All You Can Eat Turkey Buffet | Soi 7 Beach Road Restaurant Tequila Reef

Tequila Reef Pattaya is also proud to have our annual All You Can Eat Christmas Turkey buffets since 2001 featuring turkey, ham, blackened chicken, grandma's gravy with all the traditional trimming including mashed potatos, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, ambrosia salad, caesar salad, dinner rolls and of course homemade pumpkin pie. See promo below

Tequila Reef Pattaya is proud to have every year traditional American Christmas Turkey buffet
with all the trimmings so be sure to make not of where to have Christmas dinner in Pattaya.

Here's a sample video featuring some of the Pattaya Christmass dinner items for our valued customers:

Here's a typical promo flyer for the Tequila Reef Pattaya annual Christmas Turkey All You Can Eat Buffet (Prices Vary)

Christmas Dinner Pattaya 2011
Please note, the above promo flyer is for 2013 and does not necessarily mean the prices shall
remain the same due to the cost of doing business changing on a regular basis these day

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Location: Soi 7 Pattaya Beach Road, just 60 Meters of the beach. Pattaya, Thailand
Telephone Int'l: (+66-38) 414-035 Local: (038) 414-035 Email:

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