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There is plenty of parking on Soi 7 near Beach Road in Pattaya for Tequila Reef Restaurant. It's a perfect place to park your car or motorcycle, have a bite to eat at Tequila Reef, then enjoy some of the nightlife in Pattaya without having to worry about finding a
safe and secure place to park your vehicle. See the photos for yourself below, parking is only 20 Baht.

Parking in Pattaya Near Beach Road
Pattaya Beach Road Car Park Car Parking Pattaya
Soi 7 Parking Safe Secure Pattaya Parking

Please see the Google Map below for our exact location. Be sure to click the plus or minus signs on the upper left
corner of the map to zoom in or out. Or click the directions link for complete driving directions.

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Location: Soi 7 Pattaya Beach Road, just 60 Meters of the beach. Pattaya, Thailand
Telephone Int'l: (+66-38) 414-035 Local: (038) 414-035 Email:

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